Treasure Hunt

While you are taking any exercise: walk, run or cycle  -let’s have some fun!

Let’s have a bit of craic – we want you to get a photo (selfies are better) with something that begins with each letter of the phrase:


Basically find 19 unique things or places, where the first letter of each will spell out the club name. Points will be awarded for the most unique and varied entrants. You need to think outside of the box – but remember to maintain social distancing and listen to government advice at all times.


  • Entries open from today (May 15th) to June 15th.
  • Have some fun with it – this is a bit of craic to see what people can come up with, but be safe too.
  • No duplicate letters.
    • For example: there’s two N’s so taking two photos with the same person called Norman doesn’t count (but two different Norman’s will count).
  • You can get as many of as few letters as you wish per exercise – but remember that you have a month!
  • Please submit entries when you have completed the challenge – don’t send us 19 separate e-mails please!!
  • Chose how you want to submit your entries to the club’s e-mail address.
    • I would suggest a Word document with a page for each letter.
    • Include the photo / selfie and if possible, screenshot of the activity too (though the screenshot is optional).
  • Entries will be published on our website and socials.

Have fun with it, you have a month to ponder routes and unique ideas. We want to creativity at its finest. Enjoy this and we look forward to hearing your weekly updates on how you are getting on during our weekly Quiz Nights over on Zoom!