2016 WAVA League Launched!

Get the lowdown on the 2016 WAVA League right here.

This is it, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the launch of the Dub Rnnner’s 2016 WAVA League!

First off the organisers would like to apologise for not getting this information finalised before entries closed for the Larne Half Marathon.  Here are the details of how to score points this year:

  • WAVA is an age / gender graded percentage score based on world records for the distance for the age.
  • You get 5 points for taking part in one of the 12 races.
  • There are additional bonus points for the first 10 Dub Runners when they are ranked by their WAVA score (10 for 1st, down to 1 for 10th).
  • You can only score bonus points in a maximum of 5 races (though you always get the 5 points).
  • This year we will nominate a specific one off parkrun as a league fixture (probably in July sometime, date TBC) – NOT any parkrun, as was the case last year.
  • Any marathon run in 2016 up to the Seeley cup counts (your best one only if doing multiple, Dale).
  • Finally, the Belfast Marathon is a fixture in its own right.

Here’s a direct link to the 2016 WAVA League table, or you can find it in the menu at the top of the page.