Dub Runners AGM 2018

Dub Runners AGM 2018

The Dub Runners recently held our annual general meeting for 2018.

Chairman’s Report (Brian Grimes)

  • Brian Grimes commented on the new approach regarding splitting the club into groups for training on Tuesday and runs on Thursdays.
  • Once the time changed and the club starts off road running through trails and narrow paths it is particularly important not to have groups running that are too big, previously there have been complaints from members of the public.
  • Brian emphasised the role of the group leader in ensuring that all members of the group regroup and are brought back to the club especially on the trails where there is more scope for runners to get lost, particularly new members.
  • The idea is that runners do stick with the group they are running with from week to week where possible.
  • Ryan Love commented that the whistle blowing rota is a work in progress particularly regarding WBs moving from their usual group to lead another group.
  • It is possible for WBs to do the leader in running fitness ANI qualification if a course is put on by ANI.

Treasurer’s Report (Paula Owens)

  • Presented at evening of AGM, available upon request.

Election of Committee for 2018 / 2018

Chairperson Brian Grimes
Vice ChairpersonRyan Love
TreasurerPaula Owens
SecretaryNessa Agnew
Membership SecretaryKaren McBarron
Social SecretaryClaire Tonry
Technical DirectorRonan O'Flaherty
Kit ManagerSteven Todd

Membership Change

  • Membership change to wtwo types
    • £50 for membership + ANI registration
    • £40 for membership only.
  • Emphasised that ANI needed to take part in relays and XC relays and gets discounts in some races.
  • Payments to be made by 30 March and can be made by cash, cheque, online or by card payment.

Whistleblowing Rota and Groups

  • Sessions will see ‘A’ group leaving first and 2 mins or so between groups to avoid very large groups leaving at the same time.

Session Start Time

  • Sessions to start closer to 7PM.

Giant’s Trail Race Committee 2018

  • Committee formed.
  • First meeting to be held soon.

Kit Orders and Kit Secretary

  • Steven Todd to take over from Brian Grimes.
  • Steven will look into extending the range.

Belfast Marathon Relay Teams

  • This year the club will subsidise 50% of the entry cost.
  • Let it be known if you are interested in taking part.

Trips to Races

  • Local
    • The club has been to the Glenmore 10 mile challenge in June for the last 3 years so any other suggestions would be welcome (9 June this year).
    • The Rathlin Run, also 10 miles, which takes place on the Saturday of the August bank holiday weekend (25 August) was also suggested as a possibility
    • BG mentioned that it is possible to hire a boat from Ballycastle to the island.
  • Glasgow
    • Sunday 30th September.
    • Social secretary to look into pricing, interest, etc.
  • Lanzarote
    • Saturday 8th December.
    • Social secretary to send out more information.


  • Pilates Classes
    • Enquired if possible.
    • Tuesday night after club suggested.
    • KM going to check with teacher she knows to see whether possible.
  • Re-Race with Lagan Valley
    • Discussed possibility of rematch to race held in November.
    • Turn of Dub Runners to host.
    • MH to contact Lagan Valley to see when it could be held.