Dub All Star #17: Collette McCourt

Dub All Star #17: Collette McCourt

It doesn’t matter the distance – long or short – for our All Star, it is still a chance to go lightning fast – meet Collette!

Collette's Vitals

When did you start running?
In university I was asked to run a leg of the Belfast marathon relay team – I was busted – that was the end of my running career for several years..!

Why did you start running?
During my first year out of university, working in a busy job a friend asked me to go for a run on Newry towpath after work. We ran 4/5 miles and after that I was hooked on the feeling (so to speak). For me it is a great way to clear your head, whether it’s 20 or 90 minutes, it doesn’t matter.

Doing relay well at Victoria Park is our Collette!

What is a typical training week for you?
I try to make the speed and tempo sessions with the club on Tuesday and Thursdays and meet up for a longer run at the weekend. If I can, I will run a few easier runs in between. Occasionally I dabble in cycling and swimming and I did my first sprint triathlon in 2019.

What is your favourite Dub session?
I have a love hate relationship with speedwork – I love track sessions and enjoy a fartlek session with the group too. In spring and summer my absolute favourite is a Thursday run on Divis, it’s just the best.

What has been your favourite race(s) to participate in?
I’ve done so many races that are great in their own right. I enjoy trail races, but my main love is long distance – the marathon. London has been my favourite so far, having been lucky enough to run it on 3 occasions it never fails to disappoint – it’s got everything; the sights, support and endless choices for entertainment afterwards.

What are your running goals?
To stay fit and healthy and continue to run for years to come. Of course I still have a bone to pick with the marathon… we’ll see 😉

Collette and Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones!

Tell us something random about yourself that people might not know!
I have an eclectic music taste. Having played both violin and piano throughout my life, I enjoy the odd Ulster Orchestra concert, but equally a night out at the Warehouse Project. My absolute favourite night/day out is an Asian restaurant karaoke booth with a few like-minded friends… this has led me to meet some celebs along the way – for all you GOT fans out there 🙂