Dub All Star #9: Paul McFlynn

Dub All Star #9: Paul McFlynn

From road to trails – nothing is off limits for our latest All Star – it’s Paul!

Jane's Vitals
10k00:47:00 (in 1988)
Half01:46:00 (Omagh, 1988)
Marathon03:48:00 (London, 1988)

Why did you start running?
I went out for a run one day with my brother when he was back for a few days, a couple of Christmas’ ago, and was immediately hooked. Two weeks later, I decided to join Dub Runners and have not looked back.

What is a typical training week for you?
My normal training week at the moment is going out 5 – 6 times a week for a 10k – 15k run at each time and then the other day of the week will be a rest day.

Paul with some Dub Goats at the Hill & Dales series!

What is your favourite Dub Training session?
A lot of people in the club probably hate this session but my favourite would be the hill sessions that we do either at Piney or in Belvoir Forest Park. I feel it is a great way to build up your strength in your legs and also your endurance.

What has been your favourite race (s) to take part in?
My favourite road race would definitely have to be either Dublin City Marathon for the great atmosphere or the Antrim Coast Road Marathon due to the scenery and also getting my personal best for the marathon on that course. My favourite trail race would be the Maurice Mullins Race due to the course being a very good runnable and scenic test.

Happy to be running, our Paul is!

What are your running goals?
My running goals have always been to improve my PBs in all types of races from 5k to Marathon every year which I have done successfully in my last 2 years. Additionally, I would also like to have a go at an Ultra Marathon one day.

Tell us something random about yourself that people might not know!
I would be a keen golfer and I have had 4 hole in ones while playing. My favourite one would be at the 3rd hole at Dunmurry Golf course in a Saturday competition.