Dub All Star #24: Rob Walker

Dub All Star #24: Rob Walker

Strong, fast and consistent – all the ingredients of our newest All Star Rob!

Rob's Vitals
Mile00:05:37 (est)
MarathonComing Soon!

When did you start running?
I enjoyed running at school but always preferred the shorter distances on the track rather than cross country. After school I didn’t really run too much again until late 2018 when I tried a parkrun for the first time and then joined the Dubs in early 2019.

Rob taking the finish line at the Belfst Half Marathon!

Why did you start running?
I got back into running again really through a combination of taking my daughter to parkruns after she got on her school cross country team and also getting bored going to the gym all the time. I found I enjoyed running outside so much more, it’s much cheaper than gym membership and I have met lots of fantastic people at the Dub Runners. [Editor’s note: we didn’t even have to pay him to say that!]

What is a typical training week for you?
During the week I try to stick to both the Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions with the Dubs (or by myself whilst in lockdown). Then usually a shorter faster training run or parkrun on a Saturday and a longer easier Sunday run.

Thumbs up! Rob’s all good in the rain!

What is your favourite Dub training session?
It’s very difficult to pick just one but probably a Mary Peter’s track session as it’s something I’ve always loved since school. Special mentions though for the Giants Trail route or the towpath Fartlek on a lovely summers evening too.

What has been your favourite race(s) to take part in?
Having only really started running again in early 2019 and with lockdown this year I haven’t had chance to try too many races yet but I loved the Belfast Half Marathon despite the pouring rain and the Seeley Cup 10K with all the clubs represented.

What are you running goals?
I’d love to get a sub 18 minute 5k and definitely at some point to try a marathon as well just to experience it. I was also looking forward to trying some different races this year that everyone raves about but maybe next year now!

Relay going for it was our Rob!

Tell us something random about yourself that people might not know!
In my previous job I was lucky enough to do lots of travelling which included living out in South Africa for 8 months and also spending a lot time working out in Monaco / Monte Carlo. The helicopter flight from Nice into Monaco harbour never got old… 🙂