Dub Runner of the Year and London Marathon Ballot 2023

Dub Runner of the Year 2023

As always on the run up to the Christmas Dinner we have 4 awards which are decided by the committee:

  • Male Runner of the Year
  • Male Most Improved Runner 
  • Female Runner of the Year
  • Female Most Improved Runner

This year we are introducing Dub Runner of the Year, and we are opening this up to members to decided who that person is! It can be anyone within the club in any of the groups. This person can reflect what the Dubs mean to you, or it can be someone you feel has improved the most. 

To vote enter the name of the person you are nominating including First and Surname (as we have a few runners with the same first name). If you don’t know the persons surname let us know what group they are in and we should hopefully work it out! The entries are anonymised.    

Dub Runner of the Year 2023

London Marathon Ballot 

This year for the marathon we have x number of entries to the London Marathon. To be included in the hat for this run put your name into the form below to be considered. This is a different form to the one above. 


London Marathon 2023 Ballot