Weekly Roundup 03/10/2022

Weekly Roundup 03/10/2022

Citi 5k

Steve McCamley 48th in 21.16

Julia Orr 157th in 27.06



Maire McCaughey 13th in 22.20- first female

Julia Orr 27th in 25.30


Stephen Sherry 5th in 22.41- first timer

Rachel Bolt 8th in 22.54- first female

Kathy Mayhew 29th in 27.59


Alastair King 26th in 21.26

Steve McCamley 40th in 22.15- course PB

Roisin Byrne 50th in 22.53

Liam Lavery 51st in 22.54

Nessa Agnew 64th in 23.47

Lenice McAleer 74th in 24.19

Brian Derby 75th in 24.20

Martin Mulholland 84th in 24.44

Claire McCooey 164th in 27.13- new course & parkrun PB

Danielle McCluskey 251st in 30.47


Alex Blackstock 153rd in 39.48


Monica Byrne 24th in 23.34

Sinead McManus 47th in 26.33- first timer

Dale Biggerstaff 82nd in 30.27


Anna McArdle 21st in 21.11- first timer


Claire Tonry 33rd in 21.44= first timer

Well done all runners and volunteers at Parkrun.

Mary Peters Festival of Running


Sophia Barr 19th in 21.24- 3rd female

Peter Mallon 22nd in 21.37


Marie Sweet 15th in 41.52- 2nd female

Fra McKenna 44th in 48.12

Liam Lavery 55th in 50.44


Lenice McAleer 27th in 2:49:29

Kathy Mayhew 56th in 3:21:06

London Marathon

Emma Beglin 6045th in 3:31:46

Catherine McLoughlin 7655th in 3:40:12

Stephen Mezza 14767th in 4:08:29