Weekly Roundup 04/04/2022

Weekly Roundup 04/04/2022



Alastair Rodger 3rd in 18.17

Julia Orr 28th in 25.06

Kathy Mayhew 29th in 25.26- course PB

Niall McCrory 47th in 28.23- course PB


Liam Lavery 26th in 22.57

Maire McCaughey 28th in 23.18

Dermot Dawson 45th in 24.30

Ronan McCaughey 61st in 26.26

Frances McCambridge 80th in 28.23

Dale Biggerstaff 81st in 28.24- course PB


Martin Mulholland 114th in 26.19

Danielle McCluskey 227th in 32.27


Karen Carlisle 14th in 26.18


Mike Smith 71st in 26.25- first timer


Alex Blackstock 121st in 32.01

Woodley- Reading

Dave Phillips 56 in 25.55

Well done to all runners & volunteers on Saturday

Titanic 10k- 734 runners

Rob Walker 86th in 40.04- course PB

Brian Derby 91st in 40.23

Fra McKenna 420th in 52.46- course PB

Omagh ½ Marathon- 1429 runners

Lenice McAleer 339th in 1hr 40.24- new PB

Brian Jack 387th in 1hr 42.01

Sharon Shaw 792nd in 1hr 55.21

Berlin ½ Marathon- 22000+ runners

Sophia Barr 5485th in 1hr 44.59- first half marathon

Very well done to everyone on your weekend events. Some great times matched by Pbs