Weekly Roundup 04/10/2021

Weekly Roundup 04/10/2021

Hi and welcome to the latest roundup of club results. Big weekend of marathon runs just past but first the Parkruns

Orla McGandy 30th in 21.30- first timer and new Parkrun PB
Steve McCamley 42nd in 22.50- course PB
Martin Mulholland 46th in 23.03
Amy Cooley 170th in 27.50- course PB
Alastair Rodger 1st in 19.03- first timer
Fra McKenna 63rd in 25.55- first timer
Portobello, Edinburgh
Nuala O`Connor 183rd in 28.53- first timer
Nessa Agnew 10th in 25.56
Julia Orr 36th in 25.04- course PB
Kathy Mayhew 42nd in 27.01
Brona Shaw 50th in 28.16
Jane Patterson 67th in 33.52
Ronan McCaughey 18th in 23.49
Liam Lavery 22nd in 24.17- first timer

London Marathon

Katherine Harkness placed 11118th in 3hrs 54.46mins (1hr 51.30mins ½)

Dermot Dawson placed 19734th in 4hrs 32.11mins (2hrs 6.03mins ½)

Great running by both and I’m sure they had a great day in London

Belfast Marathon

Rob Walker 385th in 3.13.44

David Kelly 405th in 3.15.43

Jim Larkin 554th in 3.25.05

Paula Owens 595th in 3.26.51

Emma Beglin 619th in 3.27.58

Judith McManus 761st in 3.33.33 – Marathon PB

Victoria McCartney 821st in 3.36.59

Ciaran Harris 881st in 3.39.27

Fiona Sutherland 946th in 3.42.15 – Marathon PB

Joe Herbert 1580th in 4.02.42

Stephen Mezza 1747th in 4.11.42

Gail Johnston 1990th in 4.22.35

Aislin Fields 2471st in 4.48.04

Andrew McDermot (pacer) 4.44.19

Well done to everyone on their efforts, some first time marathoners, some PBs and an excellent pacing run from Andy. To all the relay runners also very well done, Monica Byrne, Lenice McAleer, Steve McCamley, Julia Orr and probably a few more so apologies to those I have missed. Also a mention to Cathal McCaughey as a last minute stand in for his mum Maire and doing her very proud with the first half of the marathon.