Weekly Roundup 13/12/2021

Weekly Roundup 13/12/2021

Hi and welcome to the latest roundup of club results


Over in Malaga on Sunday a few Dubs took on the ½ and full marathon distances


Claire Tonry 377th in 3:08.58

½ Marathon

Brian Derby 240th in 1:27.55

Gareth McAllister 493rd in 1:36.15

Emma Beglin 564th in 1:38.09

Brian Grimes 1433rd in 1:54.00

Nessa Agnew 1435th in 1:54.00

Heather Baron 1574th in 1:56.14

Kate Moffett 1576 in 1:56.16

Jane Wells 1761st in 1:58.44

Andy Wells 2115th in 1:58.20

Valerie Maguire 2316th in 2:07.12



Maire McCaughey 15th in 22.48

Martin Mulholland 22nd in 23.51

Dermot Dawson 25th in 24.21

Ted Caldwell 33rd in 24.55

Liam Lavery 40th in 25.38

Ronan McCaughey 41st in 25.39- 150th Parkrun- well done0n the achievement

Katherine Harkness 47th in 25.50


Marie Sweet 8th in 21.57- first timer

Fra McKenna 34th in 25.07

Kathy Mayhew 45th in 26.19 – Course PB

Nuala O`Connor 55th in 28.18


Orla McGandy 5th in 22.23

Rachel Bolt 9th in 24.39


Rob Walker 20th in 19.14

Michael Kirk-Smith 64th in 24.24


Sarah Maybin 57th in 23.35

Amy Laverty 67th in 23.51


Joanna McGlone 46th in 24.08- first timer

Hillsborough Forest

Richard Conn 2nd in 17.34 mins- new course PB

Well done all runners and volunteers at the weekend.

Thursday Night Run to the City Hall
Thursday Night Run to the City Hall

Well done everyone doing the club proud as ever