Weekly Roundup 14/03/2022

Weekly Roundup 14/03/2022


Joanna McGlone 26th in 23.17- new course & Parkrun PB

Liam Lavery 40th in 24.27- first timer

Derrynoid Forest

Alice Bradley 8th in 23.18


James Sheridan 8th in 21.07


Alastair Rodger 2nd in 19.13- first timer

Sharon Shaw 63rd in 32.20


Brian Derby 6th in 19.47


David Kelly 21st in 19.09- first timer

Rob Walker 33rd in 20.59

Michael Kirk-Smith 77th in 24.32


Maire McCaughey 20th in 22.57

Ted Caldwell 41st in 26.01

Ronan McCaughey 43rd in 26.04

Dale Biggerstaff 76th in 29.46

Brickfields- Dublin

Kathy Mayhew 31st in 27.08- first Dub to ever run here


Orla McGandy 27th in 21.38

Martin Mulholland 80th in 24.23

Fra McKenna 111th in 25.50

Julia Orr 187th in 28.11

Danielle McCluskey 301st in 32.25

Well done all runners and volunteers at the weekend

Walled City 10mile- 1288 runners

Andy McDermott 361st in 1hr 20.17mins

NIMRA Glenariff Mountain Run- 116 runners

Colin Playforth 88th in 1hr 9.48mins- and a bag of spuds for his efforts

Jimmys 10k- (was really 9.5 k)- 551 runners

Dennys Graceffi Monteaugudo 105th in 42.27

Steve McCamley 154th in 44.47

Fra Mckenna 324th in 51.50

Well done everyone Andy, Colin, Dennys, Steve and Fra at the weekend

Thanks to Keep Fit Ireland for the Jimmys 10k on course photos

Best of luck to everyone for Thursdays Craic 10k, should be a good turnout of Dubs and it looks like a sunny day too