Weekly Roundup 15/11/2021

Weekly Roundup 15/11/2021

Hi and welcome to the latest roundup of club results.


Mile End

Kathy Mayhew 185th in 27.04- first timer

Narin Beach

Alastair Rodger 1st in 18.25- new course PB


Rob Walker 18th in 19.04

Dennys Graceffi Monteagudo 51st in 21.49- new course PB

Michael Kirk-Smith 79th in 24.15

Khadiza Uddin 97th in 26.08


Paula Owens 22nd in 21.50- new course PB

Maire McCaughey 30th in 22.42- new course and parkrun PB smashing the sub 23mins

Joanna McGlone 46th in 24.03- new course PB

Ted Caldwell 58th in 25.09

Ronan McCaughey 67th in 26.11


Rachel Bolt 43rd in 22.35

Martin Mulholland 19th in 23.56- course PB

Danielle McCluskey 204th in 28.55


James Sheridan 6th in 21.25

Poolbeg, Dublin

Maureen Oliver 29th in 30.52


Peter Morrison 27th in 28.44- first timer and first Dub to run this Parkrun


Julia Orr 20th in 25.27


John Close 9th in 20.10

Fra Mckenna 90th in 40.53- tail walker/runner

Well done all runners and volunteers at the weekend

The next parkrun flashmob is planned for 27th November at Hillsborough. A trail run in a great setting with a few slight hills involved but nothing too steep at all.

The next Born 2 Run race is also that day at Loughall and there are still entries available for this one. And to finish the day it’s the Christmas jolly in the Errigle that night so something to look forward too.