Weekly Roundup 17/10/2022

Weekly Roundup 17/10/2022



Ronan McCaughey 16th in 22.11-new course PB

Neil McCafferty 39th in 26.45


James Herron 11th in 21.51

Ted Caldwell 39th in 24.14

Dermot Dawson 50th in 26.28


Emma Beglin 41st in 21.49

Martin Mulholland 97th in 24.55

Danielle McCluskey 202nd in 29.51

Claire McCooey 207th in 30.11


Michael Kirk-Smith 130th in 25.03


Maureen Oliver 150th in 32.13

Woodhouse Moor, Leeds

Steve McCamley 90th in 23.15- first timer

Wanstead Flats, London

Monica Byrne 32nd in 22.35- first timer- 1st Dub to run here


Maria Corrigan 17th in 27.21


Alice Bradley 26th in 22.59

Well done all runners and volunteers at Parkrun.

GR8 Dundrum

Marie Sweet 67th in 59.50

Brian Derby 73rd in 1.00.13

Alastair King 137th in 1.04.16

Roisin Byrne 138th in 1.04.31

Sarah Kee 176th in 1.06.23

Nessa Agnew 211th in 1.07.54

Anna McArdle 220th in 1.07.47

Kate Moffett 239th in 1.08.17

Liam Lavery 274th in 1.09.17

Katherine Harkness 290th in 1.09.46

Heather Baron 298th in 1.09.31

Sheena Dick 322nd in 1.10.53

Joanne McGlone 343rd in 1.11.48

Shane Murray 352nd in 1.12.14

Claire King 354th in 1.11.41

Gareth McAllister 390th in 1.13.24

John McAllister 409th in 1.13.33

Clodagh Carson 414th in 1.13.56

Kathy Mayhew 462nd in 1.16.07

Julia Orr 491st in 1.16.44

Valerie Maguire 509th in 1.17.40

Clare McKelvey 537th in 1.18.04

Ruth Johnston 594th in 1.20.55

Sinead McManus 648th in 1.22.28

Lynn Donnelly 811th in 1.31.41

Laura King 823rd in 1.32.25

Full album of photos found here: Gr8 Dundrum Run 2022

Dune ½ Marathon- Newry- Dundalk

Orlaith Kirk 55th in 1.39.42

Oliver Quinn 96th in 1.46.50

Yorkshire Marathon

Steve McCamley 542nd in 3.30.08