Weekly Roundup 18/10/2021

Weekly Roundup 18/10/2021

Hi and welcome to the latest roundup of club results.

Camperdown, Dundee
Julia Orr 97th in 26.47 – first timer
Fra Mckenna- 28th in 24.58- first timer
Alastair Rodger 1st in 17.57
James Sheridan 30th in 23.19- first timer
Sophia Barr 37th in 24.00- first timer
Jim Larkin 3rd in 18.48- new course PB
Colette McCourt 11th in 19.55
Nessa Agnew 26th in 23.47
Dermot Dawson 38th in 24.44
Maire McCaughey 39th in 24.45
Dale Biggerstaff 78th in 28.53 – Crushing his target of his Sub 30min parkrun!
Stephen Irvine 79th in 28.28
Orla McGandy 21st in 20.59- new course and Parkrun PB
Martin Mulholland 51st in 23.13
Kathy Mayhew 36th in 27.04
Rob Walker 13th in 18.46
Michael Kirk-Smith 80th in 24.21
Jane Patterson 55th in 31.50- new course PB
Victoria McCartney 12th in 22.25- first timer
Liam Lavery 20th in 24.32- new course PB
Narin Beach
Claire Tonry 1st in 18.20- new course and Parkrun PB
Gareth McAllister 3rd in 20.20- new course and Parkrun PB
Kyle Houston 3rd in 18.05- new course and Parkrun PB
MUSA, Cookstown
Alice Bradley 40th in 21.47
Alex Blackstock 196th in 42.38
Roisin Byrne 13th in 23.54- first timer

Well done all runners and volunteers at the weekend

The next club flashmob will be this Saturday at Crawfordsburn where Alex Blackstock will be running his 100th Parkrun. Heres a link to the course some might find useful https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=361970045445808&external_log_id=a77afc6e-b315-467c-9340-c96731a16251&q=crawfordsburn%20parkrun