Weekly Roundup 20/03/2023

Weekly Roundup 20/03/2023



Maureen Oliver 122nd in 30.36- 100th Parkrun- great achievement Maureen, well done


James Sheridan 15th in 22.52

Neil McCafferty 34th in 26.21- first timer


Sarah Maybin 13th 24.49

Geraldine Coyle 15th in 25.26- first timer


Kathy Mathew 25th in 26.54


Nessa Agnew 30th in 50.40- tailwalker


Julia Orr 70th in 25.57- 26minute pacer


Ronan McCaughey 36th in 24.55

Robert King 86th in 32.52


Alice Bradley 30th in 23.10


Martin Mulholland 88th in 25.25

Danielle McCluskey 240th in 32.23


Anna McArdle 17th in 22.28

Well done all runners & volunteers at Parkruns

St Patricks Day Craic 10k (finish/chip times)

Robert King 120th in 41.23/41.15- new PB

Orlaith Kirk 155th in 42.39/42.08

Stephen McCamley 200th in 43.51/43.35

Ed Woodfield 302nd in 43.53/43.36- event PB

Sarah Kee 262nd in 45.04/44.34

Sean McIntyre 274th in 45.14/44.54

Maire McCaughey 281st in 45.23/44.54- new PB

Monica Byrne 291st in 45.31/45.02- new PB

Roisin Byrne 305th in 45.52/45.42

Ted Caldwell 389th in 47.31/46.45- new PB

Dermot Dawson 503rd in 48.52/48.07

Stephen Sherry 544th in 49.29/49.03- new PB

Fra McKenna 625th in 50.26/49.40- event PB

Martin Mulholland 664th in 50.58/49.27- new PB

Ronan McCaughey 675th in 51.08/49.37

Karen Carlisle 739th in 51.56/51.07

Clodagh Carson 756th in 52.13/51.25

Cliona Horner 788th in 52.32/51.25

Liam Lavery 902nd in 54.12/53.48

Claire McCooey 934th in 54.29/53.19

Sinead McManus 1067th in 56.05/54.56- new PB

Julia Orr 1068th in 56.05/54.51

Roisin Sheahan 1180th in 57.16/56.06

Oonagh Morley 1573rd in 1.02.03/1.00.56

Frances McCambridge 1585th in 1.02.09/1.00.56

Ruth Johnston 1637th in 1.02.44/1.01.34

Anne-Marie Ryan 1745th in 1.04.07/1.03.19

Well done everyone, all 27 of us, great turnout and great running- 9 new distance PBs or event PBs

More photos can be found on our facebook page here!

Congratulatons to Claire (out clubs secretary) on wee baby Lara.