Weekly Roundup 21/03/2022

Weekly Roundup 21/03/2022

Craic 10k- 1745 runners (chip times)

David Kelly 71st in 39.37

Rob Walker 139th in 42.26

Paula Owens 156th in 42.57

James Sheridan 160th in 43.05

Dennys Graceffi Monteaugudo 194th in 43.57

Brian Derby 204th in 44.20

Orla McGandy 205th in 44.21

Edmund Woodfield 208th in 43.54

Steve McCamley 229th in 44.53- new 10k PB

Maire McCaughey 253rd in 45.17- new 10k PB

Lenice McAleer 313th in 46.48

Dermot Dawson 340th in 47.21- new 10k PB

Brian Jack 347th in 47.30

Ted Caldwell 357th in 47.34- new 10k PB

Katherine Harkness 421 in 48:58

Joanna McGlone 429th in 49.05

Shane Murray 458th in 49.42

Martin Mulholland 530th in 51.04

Julia Orr 695th in 53.43

Kathy Mayhew 712th in 54.00

Fra McKenna 713th in 54.11

Ronan McCaughey 804th in 55.10

Amy Cooley 832nd in 55.31

23 Dubs out and everyone in under the hour and some great times posted with a few new PBs. Well done everyone on your efforts



Alastair Rodger 2nd in 18.51

Fra McKenna 53rd in 38.16- tailwalker


Maire McGuaghey 19th in 22.37

Liam Lavery 30th in 24.34

Cliona Horner 31st in 24.43- new course PB

Ronan McGuaghey 49th in 27.42


Sarah Maybin 50th in 25.17- first timer

Brona Shaw 70th in 28.15

Niall McCrory 110th in 32.44


Martin Mulholland 67th in 24.27

Danielle McCluskey 197th in 31.30


Claire Tonry 12th in 21.15


Joanna McGlone 25th in 23.35

Julia Orr 74th in 27.33- first timer


Sharon Shaw 79th in 33.26


John Close 7th in 17.55

Rob Walker 19th in 19.58

Danielle Corey 60th in 24.18

Michael Kirk-Smith 73rd in 25.05


Alice Bradley 8th in 22.59- new course PB

Well done all runners & volunteers on Saturday

Larne 10 miler- 580 runners

Sophia Barr 252nd in 1hr 20.27mins

Gareth McAllister 295th in 1hr 23.42mins

Well done Sophia and Gareth on your runs