Weekly Roundup 25/04/2022

Weekly Roundup 25/04/2022

Boston Marathon- over 25000 runners

Emma Beglin 10613th in 3:30.25

Roisisn Byrne 11393rd in 3:33.34

Carney 10k- Sligo- 139 runners

Kathy Mayhew 79th in 54.27

Brona O`Doherty 86th in 55.26- new 10k PB

Well done ladies on some fab running on Easter Monday

Queens- Flashmob

John Close 3rd in 19.05

David Kelly 6th in 19.53

Ed Woodfield 11th in 20.28- first timer

Rob Walker 14th in 20.34

Stephen McCamley 23rd in 21.33- new course PB

Alastair King 24th in 21.42

Maire McCaughey 29th in 22.30

Stephen Sherry 35th in 22.57- new course and Parkrun PB

Liam Lavery 40th in 23.19

Dermot Dawson 45th in 24.11

Brian Derby 52nd in 24.51

Nessa Agnew 53rd in 24.53

Joe Herbert 56th in 25.37

Ronan McCaughey 64th in 26.05

Kathy Mayhew 72nd in 26.57

Joanne McGlone 75th in 27.39

Dale Biggerstaff 85th in 28.22- new course PB

Ruth Johnson 88th in 28.41- first timer

Claire McCooey 94th in 28.59- new course PB


Brona O`Doherty 159th in 27.42- new course PB

Danielle McCluskey 223rd in 29.42


Claire Tonry 38th in 23.31


James Sheridan 18th in 21.52- new course PB

Julia Orr 33rd in 24.49

St Annes, Dublin

Nuala O`Connor 196th in 29.33


Alex Blackstock 168th in 32.11

Well done to all runners & volunteers on Saturday and good luck to all marathoners this Sunday