Weekly Roundup 28/06/2021

Hi and welcome to the weekly roundup of club results. Its been a while and with Parkruns starting up again at the weekend no better time to restart

Im going to start with Saturday 19th June and Loop the Lough ultra from Strangford to Portaferry. One hardy Dub, Katherine Harkness bravely took on the challenge of “only” 54 miles/86k. Not only was she first lady to finish in just over 8.5 hours she also placed 8th overall. A fantastic  achievement and definitely sore legs on Sunday.

On Sunday 20th saw Jimmys 10k at Bishopscourt. A few Dubs turned out for the race which on a very fast course.

Alastair Rodger finished 39th in a PB of 37.08 mins

Ciaran Harris finished 108th in a PB of 43.12 mins

Fra McKenna finished 215th in a PB of 49.34 mins

Well done lads on your efforts on a hot morning

Friday 25th saw Les Jones 5k at MPT and again a few Dubs took on the race

Stevie McCamley finished 45th in a PB of 21.41 mins

Joseph Herbert finished 50th in 22.04 mins

Emma Beglin finished 58th in 22.21 mins 

Alex Blackstock finished 169th in 44.27 mins

Well down everyone.



Alan Laverty 17th in 20.53 mins

Liam Lavery 43rd in 23.36 mins

Maire McCaughey 51st in 24.05 mins

Ronan McCaughey 84th in 26.36 mins

Alison Crawford 113rd in 29.28 mins

Lynn Donnelly 128th in 31.27 mins

Laura King 129th in 31.27 mins and a course PB

Colin Glen

Frances McCambridge 26th in 28.32 mins


Niall McCrory 1st place in a course PB of 18.30 mins


Stephen Irvine 28th in 22.34 mins

Nessa Agnew 53rd in 24 mins

Roisin Byrne 56th in 24.23


Danielle McCluskey 51st in a course PB of 27.15 mins


Michael Kirk-Smith 95th in 26.32 mins

Martin Teggart 128th in 28.33 mins


John Close 3rd in a course PB of 18.49 mins

Stevie McCamley 7th in a new 5k PB of 21 mins (2nd PB in less than 24 hours)

Fra Mckenna 19th in a new 5k PB of 23.11 mins

Hillsborough Forest

Richard Conn 3rd in 19.23 mins


Ciaran Harris 17th in 21.56 mins 

Well done to everyone on their runs. Also the club volunteers who never get a mention, Ted and Dermot at Queens and Julia at Knockbracken. Apologies if I have missed anyone out and can everyone I have missed check you have the club attached to their Parkrun profile.

Sunday then saw Championchip Ireland Festival of running at MLK site on a very hot morning

The 5k had 2 Dubs entered

Alastair Rodger finished 13th in a new PB of 17.35 mins. All those Lough Moss laps over winter definitely paying off with his 2nd PB in a week

Naula O`Connor finished 59th in 27.52 mins

In the Duathlon (run-bike-run) Anna McArdle finished 29th in 1 hour 27:14 mins (23:07-39:24-22:38 plus 2 minutes for the transitions)  

Great effort by all

Thanks Fra