Summer Thursday Sessions

Below is an outline of our Thursday Night routes during the summer months.

  • Giant’s Trail Route

Description: A Dub favourite route – so much so, we created an annual race around it! Leaving the Dub by the upper pitched, down through the meadow, up past the rose garden, through the fields into the Giant’s Ring. Back through the roads, onto the towpath taking the upper trail path. Final stretch to Shaw’s Bridge and home via the meadow.

  • Belvoir Forest

Description: Taking advantage of our local forest, this is the Sunday run route taken from the Dub. Across the old Shaw’s Bridge, and along the towpath rising to the carpark. From there take a right and loop around the forest – with some shortcuts. Back to the carpark and we head for home, using whichever route we like!

  • Lady Dixon Park

Description: Also affectionately known as the “Hole in the Hedge Run“. Leave the Dub and head towards Mary Peter’s Track. From there, cross the Upper Malone Road and keep going until the hole in the hedge at the upper end of the park. Enter here and follow the path round the hilly forest, before dropping onto the towpath and making your way to Shaw’s Bridge. Up Dead Man’s Hill to Malone House and return through the carpark.

  • Forest Rollercoaster

Description: Leaving the Dub, head for Shaw’s Bridge. On the towpath towards Cutter’s, take a left up a steep hill for a one mile trail section which eventually takes you down to the wooden bridge (around one mile out from Cutter’s). Cross the bridge, and follow the towpath down to Gilchrist Bridge, cross the bridge, and head for Shaw’s Bridge. From there, up Dead Man’s Hill to Malone House and home again through the carpark