Winter Thursday Sessions

Below we have outlined our Thursday night winter routes.

  • Tour of the West

Description: Along the Upper Malone road, down Finaghy Road South cross over Lisburn Road carry on up Finaghy Road North then at top turn right on to Andytown Road continue on down to Kennedy Way. From here, there are three options home:

  • Kennedy Way (5.5 miles)
  • Broadway and Boucher Road (7 miles)
  • Grovesrnor Road (approx. 9 miles)
  • Big Fish Run

Description: Leave Dub Pavilion and run down to Stranmillis Road junction traffic lights. Along Stranmillis Embankment, cross over to Ormeau Embankment, along the tow path, past the Waterfront and down into the The Big Fish. From here, there are five options home:

  • Stranmillis Road  (5 Miles)
  • Ormeau Bridge (6 miles)
  • Albert Bridge (8 miles)
  • Big Fish (9 miles)
  • Odyssey loop (10 miles)
  • Lisburn Road

Description: Leave Dub Pavilion and head toward Dub Shops and down Finaghy Road South. Turn along the Lisburn Road and cross over on to the Malone Road for the return. From here, there are three options home:

  • Eglintine Avenue (6 miles)
  • Elmwood Avenue (7 miles)
  • Shaftsbury Square (8 miles)
  • Purdysburn Road

Description: Heading over past Shaw’s Bridge tonight then up to the crossing at the Belvoir Shops. From here, there are two options:

  • Crossing over at lights and running through Belvoir estate and home via Knock Dual Carriageway, Saintfield Road, Annadale Embankment and Stranmillis Road (6.5 miles)

Carry on past lights then cross over and running up Purdysburn Hill and continuing on up to the Sainfield Road. From here, there are three options:

Turning left down the Saintfield and home (7.5 miles)

Continue on up the Cairnshill Road then down Newtown Park and home (8 miles)

Extra by turning right at Galwally and turning left down Rosetta Road and home via Ormeau Road / Sunnyside Street (9 miles)

  • Malone Road

Description: Down Malone Road to Queen’s University, then across to the Ormeau Road. From here, there are four options home:

  • Ormeau Embankment and Stranmillis Road (5.5 miles)
  • Sunnyside Street and Stranmillis Road (6 miles)
  • Annadale Embankment and Stranmillis Road (7.0 miles)
  • Knock Dual Carriageway and Shaw’s Bridge (7.5 miles)
  • Belvoir (Head Torch Run)

Description: Taking advantage of our local forest, this is the Sunday run route taken from the Dub. Across the old Shaw’s Bridge, and along the towpath rising to the carpark. From there take a right and loop around the forest – with some shortcuts. Back to the carpark and we head for home, using whichever route we like! And as the heading says all done with a head torch!